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10 Simple Changes To Go Green Now!

There’s been a resurgence in the environmental movement, and now we have easy access to many ways to go green. Here are some simple changes you can make right now to start going green!

1. Shop at a local co-op or farmer’s market

Not only do you get to support your local farmers, you can avoid pre-packaged foods.

2. Replace your plastic toothbrush with a bamboo one

Toothbrushes are something most people use on a daily basis, and therefore we replace them as necessary. Try replacing yours with a bamboo one to compost at the end of its life cycle and avoid a bit of plastic.

3. Stash a reusable bag in your every-day bag

It’s easy to forget to bring a reusable bag, so just stash one anywhere you can! One in your day bag, one at work, one in your car, whatever it takes to remember to actually use your bags.

4. Bring your own utensils when going out

Many casual food spots use disposable utensils, so combat that by bringing your own! Good by single-use plastic fork, hello bamboo fork!

5. Use reusable cloths for cleaning

Paper towels are not recyclable and requires a lot of resources for production. Reusable cloths are great since you can simply throw them in the wash. You can make your own rags by cutting up old clothes or towels.

6. Avoid disposable cups when grabbing coffee or tea outside

Ask for a “for here” cup whenever you’re at a cafe or coffee shop. If you need it on the go, bring your own reusable cup.

7. Invest in reusable sanitary products

Menstrual cups are becoming more popular, but if you’re not ready to make the jump, try reusable cotton pads or period-proof underwear.

8. Switch to wooden or bamboo products when possible

Whenever you need to replace anything at home, try to find a wooden or bamboo alternative.

9. Wash clothing less often

Perhaps the most controversial item on the list, I recommend washing your clothing less often to conserve water and energy. Most clothing can withstand multiple uses before wash. Just air them out and they’re good to go another round!

10. Unplug anything you can

Make it a habit to unplug your TV, computer, coffee maker, or anything that doesn’t need to be plugged in all the time. Please don’t unplug your refrigerator though!

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