Making a Difference One Email at a Time

Every dollar is a vote. Corporations are driven by their desire to make money—your money. So why let your money continue to support companies that don’t care about the environment?

Emails are a great way to show companies what their customers want. Sometimes, companies don’t consider the ecological footprint of their product simply because it has not crossed their mind. This is usually not the case, but we’ll be positive and give them the benefit of doubt. Many brands are already making the switch to more sustainable packaging/marketing models.

Or maybe they’re teetering on whether or not they should go green. But a simple email from a loyal customer might push them to completely change their packaging! Sending a message will only take a few minutes of your day, and is a great way to do some eco-activism from the comfort of your home.

The best way to reach a company is via their website. Most companies have a “contact us” link somewhere on their site, usually located in the header (top) or footer (bottom) of the page. You’ll usually find either an email address that you can message directly, or an online form to fill out.

Sample of a simple but effective email to to companies:

Greetings (Brand Name),

Our family (indicates more than one person’s purchasing habits) is a massive fan of your product, (specific product name).

Currently we are making a big effort to reduce our plastic waste, and so we are looking to reduce the products we buy that contribute to plastic waste, especially non-recyclable single-use plastic. (Set up premise of why you are e-mailing.)

Your product has no recycling information on the packaging, and gives us no indication as to what to do with the plastic afterwards. Are they recyclable? (Question their current practices.)

Are there plans to make changes to your companies’ plastic usage or use more eco-friendly packaging? When do you plan to make the change? (Question their plans, and give them the benefit of doubt that they are already trying to make changes.)

Your brand appeals to those who seek natural and healthy products. I would think that using a more natural packaging line would be in line with your brand’s principles. (Challenge them in their philosophies!)

I look forward to your response.

Many thanks,
(Your Name)

This sample email is formatted for concerns about a specific product, but you can alter it to fit any situation you find yourself in. Do try to make it more personal, as that is generally more persuasive and effective.

Remember, you can also email your favorite businesses where you live to see if they have any plans to go green.
Try emailing your favorite coffee shop, beauty salon, bagel spot, restaurant, bakery, bookstore, bar, laundromat, museum, or anywhere else!

For local businesses you can also talk to them in person so that it would be more personal, but some of us are introverts or have anxiety, so emailing is always a great option! Good luck on your eco-activism!

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