Last Minute DIY Gifts for Non-Crafty People

I don’t consider myself good at making things, crafting things was never my craft (hehehe). However, I’m pretty good at following instructions! If you’re like me, then simple and cheap DIYs are fantastic. My previous gift guide was for people who prefer to shop, so in contrast of that, here are some low waste gift ideas that you can make for little to no money!

Framed Memory

This was the last gift I gave to my stepfather before he passed away. The photo itself was taken by him, and he was very proud of it, saying it was one of the best photos he had ever taken. I simply printed it and framed it, and voila, a sentimental gift that will be appreciated. You can frame a photo of you and the person, or a memory that you share, or even a quote that is personal. A simple gift that you can really get creative with. 

Items Needed:
Photo frame ($5-$25)
Printed photo/quote ($0.23)

Recipe Book

Are you the chef friend? There’s always that one friend that is known for being good at cooking. Whether or not that’s you, this is a super simple gift to give to an aspiring chef. Put together a binder of recipes that you love, or think the person will love. Most people like to eat, so some hand picked meals would be personal and thoughtful! Do try to be considerate in the other person’s dietary preferences though. I doubt any vegetarians or vegans want a steak recipe.

Items Needed:
Binder (~$5)
Printed Recipes

Canvas tote bag with handwritten words "Remind yourself, Reflect on yourself, Encourage yourself"

Custom Tote Bag

Help your friends become more eco-friendly by gifting them a custom canvas tote! A simple tote bag can be decorated with a favorite quote, the person’s initials, or some simple drawings. I was inspired by this doily bag tutorial but I don’t own any doilies so I stuck to my favorite quote. I may need to work on my penmanship though…

Items Needed:
Canvas Tote ($5)
Fabric Markers or Permanent Markers ($2-6)

Natural Air Freshener

Commercial air fresheners can have a lot of chemicals, and I prefer not to spray that all over my home. So I make my own! Just combine water, rubbing alcohol, and some essential oils to create your own scents.

Items Needed:
Glass Spray Bottle ($6)
Water (1 cup tap or distilled, I use tap)
Rubbing Alcohol (2 tbsp)
Essential Oils (20 drops,  you can mix and match your own scents! I love lavender and lemon)

Body Scrub

This is my go-to gift, because it’s so simple but blows people’s minds. There are many different versions but I love doing a coffee scrub. The caffeine in coffee increases blood flow, and can reduce the appearance of cellulite. 

Items Needed:
Glass Jar (I use mason jars)
Ground Coffee (1 cup)
Brown Sugar (1 cup)
Coconut Oil (1 cup melted)

Herb Salt

Nothing screams fancy schmancy like a good herb salt. In a food processor, pulse a 1/2 cup of coarse sea salt and a 1/2 cup of your preferred herb until the herbs have a fine consistency. Add 1 cup of sea salt and pulse to combine. Spread your concoction out on a baking pan and let air dry for about 2 hours. Pour into a glass jar and voila!

Items Needed:
Glass Jar (I use mason jars)
Fresh Herbs (1/2 cup total, I personally favor rosemary or sage but you can combine different herbs together)
Coarse Sea Salt (1/2 cup)
Sea Salt (1 cup)

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